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We DO NOT charge for any hail damage estimate we write. We’ve written THOUSANDS of auto hail damage estimates over the years and over 95% of them have been accepted by insurance.

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Why do you need a free estimate for hail damage from us?

Typically when a body shop or an adjuster writes a free estimate, they don’t spend a lot of time on your vehicle.

The thought in the industry is that if you are going to repair your hail damage, what they initially write is ALMOST irrelevant.  This is because when you DO bring your vehicle into a shop for repair, they will scope the vehicle again and write an ACCURATE estimate.

We disagree with this. 

It is YOUR vehicle (which is likely the second largest purchase you’ve made) and what you do after we write the free estimate is completely  up to you.  Don’t want to fix it? That’s ok. We will write it accurately. Want to fix it? Perfect. If you schedule with us, we know the initial was close. It leads to less work for us. 

The customer should always be treated with respect and honestly.  This is why your free estimate as accurately as we can.

Our experience is why you should have us write your free estimate.

  • If you choose to use us, please let us know ahead of time so we can block out enough time to write and prepare the estimate.
  • Typically, it takes approximately 30 minutes or so to write an estimate properly. 
  • If you want the damage circled up and pictures taken, it takes a little longer. 45 minutes approx.

Insurance companies write hail damage estimates low.

  • Over 90% of all the estimates we’ve received from insurance companies, written by them, are low.
  • The reason? Are the adjusters, industry wide, that incompetent? Or are they instructed to write low?
  • Insurance companies know almost 50% of hail claim clients DO NOT REPAIR their vehicle.
  • If STATE FARM had over a billion in losses during 2022, and only half repaired, how much money do they “save” if the initial estimates are written low?

If an insurance company wants you to use their app or do any sort of mobile estimating, we would counsel you to instruct them you will go get an estimate prepared by a professional. The apps are ALWAYS off as they either rely on you seeing the dents and dings, or the adjuster looking through your camera seeing the dents and dings. 

We ALWAYS write our estimates while using our paintless dent repair specialized lighting. Come see us, and know you are in truly safe hands if we do your free estimate!